Meet the Team

Kate Buckley

As an undergraduate, Dr. Buckley studied biochemistry at Hood College in Frederick, MD. She became an evolutionary immunologist during her PhD work at George Washington University. After postdocs at the University of Toronto and Carnegie Mellon University, she moved to Auburn.

When not in the lab, you can find her scouring estate sales, turning bacon fat into soap, or with her cat Amelia Grace, who is objectively the best cat on the planet.

Email: kbuckley[at]auburn[dot]edu
Current CV

Lab Technician (to be named)

We are currently seeking a full-time Lab Technician. Must be familiar with basic molecular biology techniques including PCR, nucleic acid isolation, plasmid design and cloning. Duties will include maintaining marine aquaria and larval cultures. Will also be responsible for ordering supplies and managing lab inventory.

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We are actively looking for graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in uncovering fundamental properties of animal immunity.

The Department of Biological Sciences at Auburn has funded positions available for both Master’s and PhD level graduate students. Contact Dr. Buckley for more details.